The Classic Stirrer
  • The Classic Stirrer
  • Multi Purpose
  • Works in everything - NON SCRATCHING
  • Great for stir-fries, spaghetti sauce, general use
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Gets into the corners
  • Contemporary shape
  • Fits into jars and tins
Material Details

The Classic Stirrer evolved one night out of a need for a better stirring utensil.

"I had a clear mental image of the design I wanted and ... made a prototype the next morning. I was using it that night. This was the first utensil I designed and made ... so, it became my classic ... the Classic Stirrer." - Bob Gilmour: designer.

The Classic Stirrer is an 'all-rounder' and is the most versatile utensil in the Gilmour-designed kitchen range. It works in pretty much every cooking vessel - pots, pans, wok and more.

Functionally, the Classic Stirrer is lightweight yet with a solid feel and is perfectly balanced. Available in left and right handed versions, it is comfortable for use in either hand ... and can be used reversed. Aesthetically, the Classic Stirrer is slim with sensuous elegance and graceful organic curves ... and is smooth as silk in the hand.

Size: 34cm (13.4") x 2cm (0.8") x 5cm (2.0")